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Motorcycle Accidents

Insurance Companies Typically Do Not Value Motorcycle Operators The Way They Should

California’s Vehicle Code contains the laws for motorcycle accidents and unlike other states, our laws are extremely complex. One example is that California motorcyclists are able to engage in “lane splitting,” also known as “white lining.” Other states do not allow this, so consulting with an experienced attorney is key when dealing with an accident.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, consulting a personal injury lawyer is essential. Motorcycle traffic laws are incredibly complex. Insurance companies typically do not value motorcycle operators the way they should. There is also a great deal of prejudice against bikers by car and truck vehicle operators and their insurance companies. Even if a motorcyclist has done nothing wrong, they will typically not be fully compensated. An attorney who regularly handles motorcycle crash cases will be able to persuade an insurance company or a jury of the value of your case and the entitlement to full compensation. Furthermore, a good attorney will not hold the same prejudices many have of motorcycle riders.