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Slip and Fall

Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of injury. These claims usually arise from a defect in a walkway or a hazardous condition on a walking space, such as a floor. A property owner has an obligation to keep their space free of hazards and defects that could cause a fall and a subsequent injury. When a person encounters the hazardous condition or defect, their safety is in jeopardy. More often than not, this condition is caused by the negligence of the owner by failing to maintain the walking space. A common example is the floor of a grocery store. The store owner has an obligation to ensure that the floor is not wet and that it doesn’t have items on which a patron could slip or fall. While this is the duty under the law, the store owner does not always adhere to this duty which leads to injuries. Some of these injuries can be very severe, such as traumatic brain injuries and broken bones.