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"I dealt with some serious challenges and hardships in my life, losing my wife 5 years ago, battling Cancer over a year ago, and dealing with financial issues regarding my home. Josh Sternberg has provided me with a second chance. My situation was very complicated and Josh helped me make the best decision going forward for a fresh start. We looked at many options to get out of a situation that felt like it wasn't going to go away. With the help of his realtor Sarah McCowin and the rest of his team we came up with the best decisions moving forward. I appreciate their dedication to helping me during a very stressful time in my life."

- Ray B. | Sylmar, CA | 02/18/2020

"We would highly recommend Joshua Sternberg Law Group. Josh worked tirelessly on our loan modification request. We were denied multiple times for many different reasons, none of which rang true. Josh fought successfully and was able to get my husband and I an amazing loan modification. I don't think he realizes how he saved our family. Thank you seems like not enough for what he did for our family. Thank you very much Josh for never giving up. We are truly thankful."

- Donna K. | Agua Dulce, CA | 10/17/2019

"I'm a recently divorced, co-parenting, single dad of a HS and College student. The 2nd in my immediately family history to actually own a home, I came to Sternberg Law via a referral from an accidental call to a fellow atty and friend of his. I'm sure I wasn't his most demanding client but from where I sat my real estate and legal challenges were stifling.

An email, that was responded to immediately, led to a phone call with a calm, broadly articulate and astute young man. We scheduled an appointment, which was conveniently in the SAG building, and upon entering it was apparent that they just moving in. There were boxes on the floor and everyone was in work mode but he staff was pleasant and professional and treated me accordingly. All the details of that day and subsequent meetings, filings, etc. pale in comparison to the humanity and decency shown to me in what was a very difficult time.

Sternberg Law is as we all hope our lawyers are...professional, courteous and non-judgemental. They confidently guided and supported me through my obstacles, the overall process and helped me to re-stablish my personal finances and a new relationship with a mortgage company. I now have an excellent legal team, that ironically I hope to not need anytime soon. That said, Josh is a good brother with a solid organization and a steady disciplined approach to his work. All that truly speaks volumes to the boxes on the floor."

- Russell A. | Los Angeles, CA | 9/18/2019

"I've been in the mortgage business for over 30 years and used to refer loan modifications that I couldn't handle. Recently, I was attempting to settle my own 2nd mortgage and couldn't get anywhere with the lender. Josh and his team was able to get my loan of $493,000 settled for $138,800. I don't think that I have to say any more. Josh is a rock star in dealing with lenders."

- Joe C. | Topanga, CA | 5/28/2019

"I was recommended by my bankruptcy attorney to see if Josh and his team could secure a loan modification for me. We've had an ARM which continued to increase year after year causing our mortgage payments to become unsustainable.. I tried on my own to communicate wit the bank and submitted tons of paperwork and completed forms.. rejected... after my wife and I met with Josh and clearly outlined our past course of action and what we were trying to accomplish, Josh gave us a sense of confidence that he could help us.. we engaged his very reasonable fee based services and presented him with whatever documents he required. Within a couple months of his interaction with our lender, he secured what we had thought was the impossible! The bank granted us a loan modification which has now saved us hundreds of dollars per month as we now have a fixed low rate. His confidence, knowledge, competence, and experience made this happen, giving us a new lease on life to now have a known fixed monthly mortgage that we can now afford. His kind and warm compassionate manner made us feel like we made the right choice in using this law firm. Highly recommended if u are in need of his type of expertise !"

- Mel H. | Los Angeles, CA | 04/05/2019

"I am extremely happy and pleased with the Sternberg Law Group!

Joshua is ethical, relatable, personable, experienced, knowledgeable, sensitive, professional and friendly.

He and his staff helped me with my bk situation. I truly thank them for helping me keep my home and restructuring my debt. They answered all my questions, made sure I understood the bk process and was helpful in providing me with all of my options.

Mr. Sternberg also has his real estate license which can help you with your real estate services needs.

I highly recommend the Sternberg Law Group if you need help with bankruptcy."

- Marlene L. | Aliso Viejo, CA | 12/10/2018

"Joshua Sternberg is an amazing attorney who is highly competent in bankruptcy's, foreclosure prevention, and other matters. Sternberg Law Group has helped several of my clients keep their home, postpone foreclosure sale dates, and reduce liabilities through bankruptcy."

- B G. | West Hills, CA | 10/25/2018

"It is rare to find a lawyer that can think critically, find creative solutions to legal problems and be personable. Josh is all of that and more. Josh thinks outside the box to help his clients who are in a precarious situation. Whether he is battling an insurance company to get his client the recovery they deserve, getting his client a loan mod when others have failed or saving a house from foreclosure, Josh is a quality attorney who you want on your side."

- Eliza Ghanooni | 03/12/2018

"Joshua is confident, fast & efficient! I hired him on site the first consultation without further shopping for other attorneys.

My house was 10 days away from being foreclosed in June, and Joshua was able to stop the foreclosure & worked out a loan modification of my 1st & 2nd mortgage in 2 months which I had been trying for almost 2 years after multiple attempts. I am especially happy with my 2nd T.D. modification which was reduced from 9.75% to 1.74%.

Joshua analyzed my situation & gave me his best opinion right away. He also gave me ideas in rebuilding my future credit to work for the future refinance of consolidating my 1st & 2nd mortgage. He is helpful in many ways!

His assistant Ali is super! He is on top of things & responsive!

Joshua is definitely my attorney in my future real estate needs! I would highly recommend Joshua to everyone!"

- George L. | Alhambra, CA | 8/25/2017

"Josh and his team were able to stop foreclosure of my house and work with the lender to get me a loan modification at a great rate. I highly recommend him and his team!"

- Amanda | 06/12/2017

"I had the absolute worst mortgage servicer, Ocwen. Because they refused a modification, I needed a Bankruptcy attorney to keep our home from being foreclosed upon. A friend recommended Josh. I met with him in his office, he explained to me the ins and outs of my particular case and I agreed to move forward with Josh as my attorney and that was one of the best moves I ever made. He's an excellent BK attorney and was available whenever we needed additional information and/or consultation. His great work saved us from ruin and we're still in our home today!"

- Reggie | 04/20/2017

"I am a 78-year-old widow, who has recently used the services of Josh Sternberg, with The Sternberg Law Group. In the past, I have sought assistance with attorneys in a variety of situations, real estate, civil suits, will and trust preparation, and when it came time for me to select an attorney to help me with my recent concerns, I was very careful in whom I wanted to put my trust. Mr. Sternberg has given me his prompt attention to my questions, responding either by phone or e-mail and always provided me with excellent information, and professional service. I think his efficiency in handling my problem as well as the careful attention of his staff and associates makes it an easy for me to highly recommend him to anyone seeking a solution to their legal problems."

- Mary Anna B. | Laguna Woods, CA | 3/14/2017

"I highly recommend Sternberg Law Group. Everyone in the office is professional and incredibly helpful. My family and I were so happy to have Josh represent us. At a time when the stress levels were high, Josh helped us to feel at ease. He is no doubt one of the best attorneys in town. Not only is he great at what he does, he's also very kind and understanding. Do not hesitate in bringing Josh on board!"

- Amy | 01/28/2017

"Josh has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Through a strange happenstance we came into contact. As a real estate professional finding someone like Joshua who wears both hats, real estate (with his broker's license) and legal (a California state barred attorney), is a huge plus. He has the ability to see both sides of the coin and has guided many of our clients through difficult waters. His personality and sense of humor makes him a great asset and his perspective makes him in valuable. Without a doubt I will continue to refer my clients and work with him directly for many years to come. Keep up the great work!"

- Jonathan K. | Hidden Hills, CA | 08/02/2016

"A few months ago, I needed to retain an expert attorney to help with a foreclosure matter. After a long internet search, I came across Josh Sternberg. Josh is a straight forward kind of guy, when you are fighting to save your home, you are looking for an honest, reliable, understanding, trustworthy person to explain to you all of your options. I met with Josh in his Beverly Hills office in late December of 2015. Josh, was brutally honest about my case, I was in foreclosure with a sale date looming, and this was not my first time in foreclosure. My lender Nationstar Mortgage was dead set on taking my home. Josh, explained to me in a calm, caring way all of our family’s options. He assured me he was an expert in securing loan modifications, bankruptcy, etc., something I have heard a lot over the course of the past few years dealing with the foreclosure of my home. I was moved to retain Josh, because he seemed to truly care about the disposition of me and my six children. I cannot really explain in words the comforting feeling I felt when Josh told me he would do everything in his power to save our home and secure a loan modification with Nationstar Mortgage. He was believable because he was not selling me a dream, instead Josh provided me with the answers to my prayers. I believe in the power of prayers.

On March 30th, 2016 I received an email from Nationstar's attorney confirming I was approved for a trail loan modification with a guaranteed permanent loan modification starting August 1, 2016. Josh, was the only attorney who was honest enough to care about me and my family. Josh, saved our families home. I can now sleep at night knowing that my home will not be sold at a public auction.

Thank you Josh for your true commitment to the homeowner. I would suggest to any one in a similar situation to first pray and rely on God to provide you with a great attorney who can and will help you through this bad situation. Josh, was one of many attorneys our family retained, all in all he was the only honest attorney we retained. God is good! Josh Sternberg has assured me he will stay the course with us until we have received our permanent loan modification in August."

- Lawson | 04/10/2016

"Mr. Sternberg is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He is also an exceptionally hard working and talented individual. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best attorneys and I count Mr. Sternberg among them. I cannot recommend Mr. Sternberg highly enough."

- Benjamin | 03/24/2016

"I highly recommend Mr. Sternberg for all bankruptcy, debt and real estate matters. I have consulted with him on numerous matters and he has always been of tremendous assistance. Mr. Sternberg is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and accomplished in these areas and has an exceptional ability to simplify complex issues. He implements a practical and cost effective solution to suit his clients' needs. I highly recommend his services."

- Jeremy | 03/24/2016

"Josh Sternberg stands heads and shoulders above all the rest in my book. He is obviously in high demand, yet I never felt neglected. He has surrounded himself with a top flight staff who kept all of my balls in the air during my entire bank foreclosure process. His fees were reasonable and he earned every penny of them and then some. I trust him and would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

- Jim R | 05/27/2015

"I have consulted Mr. Joshua Sternberg for the second time in course of the last two years. He has a worm and pleasant personality making you feel at home the moment he comes to great you. I also came immediately to the conclusion that I am dealing with a true professional; in just a short time the diagnosis of my problems were to the point and so was the advise I was given.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sternberg, Law, not just to my friends but to anybody who is in need for sound legal advise in the financial sector as I did."

- Gabriel G, MD

"Josh Sternberg and his associates helped me keep my house long enough so I could sell it and get out of debt and not go into forclosure. He was very candid about what procedures needed to be done and reassured me he would be with me through to the end. I would recommend Sternberg Law Group 100%."

- Amanda A.

"One of the greatest things about working with Joshua, is that he helps take the emotional sting out of going through bankruptcy. I had a ton of bad feelings and shame about my situation but Joshua really makes you feel like there's light at the end of tunnel. One of my first conversations with Joshua was what is going to happen to me. His response was your going to be ok! Joshua really cares about his clients and helping them through one of toughest experiences of their lives. If you really want an outstanding lawyer call Joshua, he will personally walk you through every step of the process on top of being an excellent lawyer."

- Karen G.