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Foreclosure Attorney Sacramento

Owning your own home has always been a key part of the American dream – unfortunately, however, there are many events or possibilities that can put your most important asset and investment at risk. During the occurrence of a job loss, divorce, unforeseen medical costs, loan term adjustments, death in the family, or even economic downtown, foreclosure on your home can become an immediate risk. Under normal circumstances no one can anticipate encountering the threat of a foreclosure which is why Sternberg Law Group works to protect homes throughout Sacramento and California. As a Sacramento foreclosure attorney, we work to protect your home through foreclosure avoidance and other home retention strategies.

Sacramento has an average home price of $395k and homes normally sell within 8 days making it a highly competitive and valuable market. With a rate of 1 in every 7,465 home foreclosures on average per month, it makes sense to have a foreclosure attorney on hand to help strategize the plan for keeping you in your home. If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments in California you may risk losing your home and taking a hit on your credit as a result. Such an action remains on a credit report for the following 7 years – this not only effects financing and may prevent you from signing on a new mortgage, but it can even affect rental properties in the interim.

Foreclosure in California

California has what’s called a “non-judicial” foreclosure system which means that a trustee must receive a series of legal alerts in the form of physical letters before they have the right to seize a property without court intervention. When this occurs the legal rights of the homeowner are limited and the property is transferred to the lender or another third party. If you’re worried about defaulting on your mortgage loan, The Sternberg Law Group can help.

If you’ve received a notice of default in the mail there’s no better time to call the experts at The Sternberg Group. Contact us HERE today for an initial consultation.