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The People’s Foreclosure Attorney Los Angeles – Joshua Sternberg


The People’s Foreclosure Attorney Los Angeles – Joshua Sternberg

When someone is on the brink of foreclosure, the stress, anxiety, and shame of finding themselves in financial peril is often only magnified by the difficulty of finding an effective advocate. Homeowners in distress frequently find that their own attempts to negotiate with banks or navigate the legal system are met with bureaucratic roadblocks and indifference. For over a decade, attorney Joshua Sternberg has been helping individuals and families in California overcome these hurdles to save their homes and regain financial independence.

Dedication and Experience

Since the 2008 financial crisis and the wave of foreclosures that followed, Sternberg has dedicated his legal career to helping homeowners in need with a practice based on three core strengths: exceptional knowledge of the relevant law, honesty, and compassion for his clients. He is committed to doing his utmost to keep people in their homes.

These values are paired with a people-oriented focus on prompt, dynamic, caring customer service. No matter the type of assistance they’re seeking or the size of their case, clients can expect quick responses, clear explanations, and timely action on their behalf. As a resident of Los Angeles himself, Sternberg has been inspired to assist homeowners throughout Southern California and across the state through some of the most difficult economic challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Outstanding Service

Joshua Sternberg and Sternberg Law Group have successfully obtained loan modifications, mortgage relief, forbearance, and reinstatement plans, as well as settling second mortgages and having liens stripped to avoid foreclosure for their clients. In cases where letting go is necessary, they’ve provided guidance through bankruptcy, strategic foreclosure, and short sales to produce a path forward without the crushing weight of unmanageable debt.

The purpose and importance of the work Sternberg Law Group has done on behalf of families in need of relief over the years are best understood through the words of their clients:

  • “I had no success for years dealing with my lender. We were days away from a sale date and not only did Sternberg Law stop the sale date and help us stay in our home for 20 years, but they even managed to help negotiate a lower payment! … I thought our situation was hopeless. Boy! Did Mr. Sternberg’s office prove me wrong!”
  • “Sternberg Law Group and Joshua Sternberg have assisted me over the past eight years with a loan modification and bankruptcy.… He has the highest ethical standards when it comes to providing legal assistance for his clients. With his help, we have been successful in keeping our home while receiving an outstanding low-interest loan modification.”
  • “The Sternberg Law Group has given me fresh hope to live the rest of my life hassle and stress-free! Josh led me to a broker who will help me with a reverse mortgage. This will help me so much and owe it all to Josh.… Thank you so much, Josh! I look forward to living my life again!”
  • “I found Josh over eight years ago.… From the beginning, Josh has always been personally available for any questions that I had and helped me through a rough time when I really needed it!… I highly recommend him as being prompt, courteous, reasonable, empathetic, and professional.”
  • “The Sternberg Law Group is truly top-notch.… I have been dealing with a complicated foreclosure issue that has been lingering for over a decade. Every time I thought it was resolved it kept popping back up. When I reached out to Joshua Sternberg and explained my situation, he and his team were exceptionally knowledgeable of the area where I was running into issues. His professionalism and candor in the situation made me immediately hire him.… Ultimately, they settled my case on far better terms than I had expected (a case that had lingered for years and caused tremendous stress)!!! This is the first time in years that I know this pain is over…and that is a great feeling.… Thanks again, Joshua and team!”
  • “Our family was facing a sale date, and other attorneys were unable to provide any help. I found Josh online using a Google search, and we met the same week. After hearing him speak and tell me his strategies, I knew instantly this was the attorney to help save our family home from foreclosure. Josh negotiated a loan modification. The loan modification was for five years.… Here we are exactly five years later, and Josh is here again, providing invaluable guidance, assistance, and support.… If you select Josh as your attorney, you are picking a lifelong legal team member. He is the best!!”
  • “One of the greatest things about working with Joshua is that he helps take the emotional sting out of going through bankruptcy. I had a ton of bad feelings and shame about my situation but Joshua really makes you feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.… Joshua really cares about his clients and helps them through one of the toughest experiences of their lives. If you really want an outstanding lawyer call Joshua, he will personally walk you through every step of the process on top of being an excellent lawyer.”

Here for You

For families facing a looming foreclosure, trying to obtain relief on their own is frequently unproductive, expensive, and nerve-wracking. Sternberg Law Group will assess your situation and help you understand your choices, laying out the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, to determine an individualized plan designed to produce the best possible outcome for your case. We offer a free initial consultation to anyone needing more information about their options, and we speak both English and Spanish. To learn more about our services or to schedule your free initial consultation, contact us here.