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Home ownership is often associated with the American dream. It is an opportunity to grow wealth and build equity; yet unfortunately, life challenges can interrupt this opportunity. Sudden unemployment, a change in marital status, a health scare or loss of a loved one are life challenges that can impact ability to pay a mortgage. Additionally, economic realities can create a scenario in which foreclosure on a home becomes a real possibility. Acknowledging this possibility is stressful and overwhelming, which is why as an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney, Sternberg Law Group serves as your partner in protecting your home. 

California has a Homeowner Bill of Rights that provides protections to homeowners in such situations. Navigating the legal field as a homeowner is complicated, and an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney is your best option in navigating it correctly. Foreclosure can become a reality for these homeowners in distress, but there are options available. Sternberg Law Group can explain the scenarios involved in avoiding foreclosure.

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, working with a San Diego foreclosure prevention attorney is your best course of action to keep your home. Sternberg Law Group has helped hundreds of home owners reclaim their financial lives. As your San Diego foreclosure attorney, we offer a free consultation to overview your best outcomes.

Foreclosure in San Diego

Have you missed mortgage payments on your San Diego home? Foreclosure could be in your future. With foreclosure impacting your financial life for several years, it is important to take your next steps seriously and seek guidance from an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney. With the help of a foreclosure prevention specialist, you can move on a positive path forward regarding your home and your financial status. Contact Sternberg Law Group for your initial consultation with an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney.

If you’re received a notice of default (NOD) in the mail there’s no better time to call the experts at The Sternberg Law Group. Contact us HERE today for an initial consultation.