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For many families or individuals, owning a home has long been a traditional aspect of the American dream. Unfortunately, there are many potential events or scenarios that can put the most important asset and long-term investment in your life at risk. When an unexpected job loss, divorce, high medical cost, loan term adjustment, death of a loved one, or economic downturn occurs, foreclosure can be an added risk as a result. Foreclosure is a threat that is hard to see on the horizon and hard to predict – many have trouble planning for such a situation which is why Sternberg Law Group works to help provide alternatives that may help you stay in your home. As a Fresno foreclosure attorney, we put all of our effort into providing options to help our clients stay In their homes.

Recent findings have shown that Fresno has a median home price of $320k and, on average, they sell within 9 days making it a very competitive and high-value market. With a rate of 1 in every 1600 home foreclosures on average each month, many families and individuals are faced with the option of either losing their home, filing for bankruptcy, or performing a short sale. By strategizing with our experienced team of foreclosure attorneys we can assist with the process and ease your stress. We can help outline a strategy and plan for keeping you in your home if you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments in the state of California. 

Foreclosure in Fresno

California has a “non-judicial” foreclosure system meaning that a trustee must have received a sequence of legal letters and alerts in the form of mail before a third party has the right to seize a property without any court intervention. If this action occurs the rights and legal abilities of the homeowner are thus limited and the property transfer occurs either to the lender or a different third party. If you are concerned about defaulting on your mortgage loan, The Sternberg Law Group can help.

If you have received a notice of default (NOD) now is the best time to call the experts at The Sternberg Law Group. Contact us HERE today for a consultation.