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Joshua Sternberg, Loan Agreement Lawyer

Joshua Sternberg

Joshua Sternberg, Loan Agreement Lawyer

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create a responsive, client-friendly law firm dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain debt relief. Our job is to guide you to a new and better life because everyone deserves a fresh start. Take your first steps to financial independence today.

As the housing market in California has collapsed and the overall economic crisis has devastated people’s earning capacity, we have assisted many people in resolving their debt while keeping their property and financial independence. Financial distress happens for a variety of reasons and it is important to work with an experienced loan agreement lawyer, such as Joshua Sternberg and associates, to understand the options and protections afforded to individuals under the law.


About The Firm

Lead by Joshua Sternberg, a top loan agreement lawyer, we offer a casual and accepting environment and do not judge our clients, regardless of the life events that bring them to us. We understand our clients are in distress and we pride ourselves in reducing their stress and allowing them to make the right decisions.


You will be personally matched with an in-house attorney based on your needs and their specialized skills. We make it our number one priority to communicate the progress on each case and consistently discuss the needs and wants of our clients.


Here at Sternberg Law Group, we offer a casual atmosphere and a serious approach to solving your problems. As a team, we work hard to craft an accepting environment and understand that we are here to help our clients, not judge them. Whatever circumstances have brought you to us, we understand that your contacting us means you are ready and willing to fight your way out. Our job is to reduce your stress, offer guidance, and help you make the right decisions.


Lead by Joshua Sternberg, a top loan agreement lawyer, our team has years of experience and positive results behind us. Once we take on your case, you will be matched with an in-house attorney whose skills best meet your needs. Our number one priority is to keep you informed about any progress on your case as we work to get the results that you need.






We want you to feel totally comfortable about the process, understand exactly how we can help you, and be confident that you are working with the very best people.


By focusing only on your financial issues, we can offer real solutions, such as bankruptcy and home loan modifications. We offer payment plans and competitive rates so you can get the help you need now without worrying about your current cash flow or disposable income.


As a loan agreement lawyer, Joshua Sternberg understands that you need real solutions to your financial issues. Since we focus strictly on the financial aspects of your case, we are able to resolve your issues quickly and easily while minimizing the losses that you might suffer. We offer payment plans and competitive rates so you can get the help you need when you need it.


We want you to feel comfortable as you work with us, knowing that you have the very best people on your side.


-Loan Agreement Lawyer, Joshua Sternberg and the Sternberg Law Group

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