In response to the unprecedented challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak, Sternberg Law Group is continuing to monitor the situation and is prepared to offer additional support to our clients through this uncertain time. The economic impact of COVID19 is anticipated to be significant and we want you to know we are also here to support you. As new developments emerge, we will share information with you and will provide you guidance to best navigate these complex economic challenges. If you are being adversely affected by COVID19, we strongly encourage you to document your financial hardship resulting from this outbreak. While we don’t yet know exactly what form of relief will become available, we know the banks and the courts will be offering some relief. We want you to be prepared to receive assistance that becomes available and will advise you accordingly based on your specific situation. Please reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss your specific challenges. We are here to help. Stay safe and healthy!


Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start

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Our mission is to create a responsive, client-friendly law firm dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain debt relief. Our job is to guide you to a new and better life because everyone deserves a fresh start. Take your first steps to financial independence today.

Sternberg Law Group has assisted many people in resolving their debt while keeping their property and financial independence. Financial distress happens for a variety of reasons and it is important to work with an experienced attorney, such as Joshua Sternberg and his team, to understand the options and protections afforded to individuals under the law.

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